MPromDb provides an interface to search promoters in a number of different ways. Searching by gene id or symbol leads to promoter information for that particular gene only. If there is any ambiguity in the the symbol, the user will be provided with options. If the user wants to find promoters active in any particular tissue or cell type, records of all the genes having promoters meeting this criteria will be returned. In this search mode, the user further narrow down his results by employing one or more filters. Finally, the user can get the list of promoters belonging to different genes that are targeted by a particular transcription factor. This particular search mode is currently not operational.

Every record returned as a result of the user's query has a chromosome/transcription start site entry that provides a link to the genome browser where the user can visualize data and add his or her own tracks.

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Annotation is based on Human (NCBI36/hg18) and Mouse (NCBI37/mm9)

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